Big data analysis is hard. We get that.

That’s why we’re building a community

of big data experts.

Big Data Block will become the engine that drives large scale data analysis all over the globe.  The adoption of BDB  will allow us to create an ecosystem around data and the creation of a true democratized data economy.  The users of BDB will have the ability to share any component they have built with others either for free or in exchange for BDB tokens.  Anything created on the system will have the ability to be shared on the platform.  The ability to share all this will create new economic models for some as well as provide the ability to move much faster and team with others to gain a much richer view of anything created or shared.  This ecosystem will also be the basis for our user driven support model.  The hope is users within the ecosystem can help each other reach their data goals.

We are calling this ecosystem the BDB Knowledge Exchange (KE), a portal that allows people within the BDB ecosystem to offer their data components, data services, and/or raw data with anyone they choose to.

Some examples of typical BDB shared components are:

  1. Data Cleansing Algorithms – There are many standard algorithms used to cleanse for dups or incorrect formatting for example.
  2. Analytics Logic – The logic used to determine the output parameters such as high value customer or operational statistics.
  3. Data Mapping Templates – Many industries use standard data formats. Those knowledgeable in those formats can create these template mappings and then sell them.
  4. Visualization Logic – The creation of standard data visualizations.
  5. Data – Raw input or output data can easily shared.

We recognize that there are times when additional help may be needed to assist our customers to reach their ultimate data analysis goals.  This will be provided by the community with a marketplace that matches our customers with technical support experts.  

BDB will help match those needing assistance up with a data expert to discuss the details of the proposed project, including the fee, which will be paid in BDB’s. After the arrangement has been agreed upon and once the work is accepted, the detailed info on the individual users will be available so the work can be completed. Upon acceptance of the work, the fee will be paid.

In the event that this isn’t enough BDB will also be providing tier 2 support to assist our customers.  This will be a paid service provided by BDB for those needing help outside of the community. 

Some examples of typical BDB support needs are:

  1. Data File Creation – Non Technical users may have data sitting in multiple places and they aren’t sure how to structure it for upload and will seek out technical assistance.
  2. Data Analysis Setup – Setting up the analysis side to determine what items the user is looking to better understand might require additional help from someone with data science experience.
  3. Data Management – Where is all my data and how do I create a data dictionary to track it going forward.
  4. Data Presentation Assistance – Help creating presentations that map the data to real business issues.
  5. Advanced Statistical Analysis – More deep data science needs.

Feedback and a rating of those involved in the BDB sharing ecosystem will be a critical component to allow for trust to be built up over time.